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About me

My name is Juho Sammalkorpi, and I’m a Helsinki based practitioner of acupuncture and chinese medicine. The purpose of my work is to help people find solutions to chronic pain and longstanding health problems. I speak fluent english.


Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is based on over 2000 years of written history, and it’s one of the oldest systems of health care in the world. In many countries of Asia it’s used in parallel with western medicine in the health care system and it’s also being taught at the university level. In the rest of the world the use of acupuncture and chinese medicine is constantly increasing.

Juho Sammalkorpi on mies Akufunktion takana

Acupuncture and pain

According to the latest research on pain it’s starting to be understood that the reason for chronic pain is often due to a functional problem of the nervous system. I use an acupuncture method which is based on normalizing the nervous system and therefore can treat the pain at the root level. This method can be used to treat even difficult cases and it’s effects are often seen very quickly.

Chronic health problems

The effects of acupuncture are not limited to treating pain only. Via the nervous system, acupuncture affects also organ function, metabolism and stress. Because of this, acupuncture can be used to treat many kinds of health chronic problems. In treating these types of issues there is often a component of dietary advice or nutritional supplements integrated into the treatment plan.

Current updates

My calendar is open for reservations. You can book a time either by sending me an email to or via phone / text to 0409522101. I’m not always able to answer a call immediately, but I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact details



Heikkiläntie 10
00210 Helsinki
juho (at) akufunktio (dot) fi
VAT number: 2639541-8

How to get there

The place is in the premises of the Cultural Centre Sähinä, in the first floor. It is reached easily by car and there are plenty of parking spots behind the building for visitors. The place is also a walking distance (5-10min) away from the Lauttasaari metro station.

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